What’s in your toolbox?

Nothing, except procrastination and time stealers, makes or breaks a project than having, or not having, the right tools. You are finally moving along, taking apart that engine or putting one back together, then Bam! Showstopper number one hundred. Can’t reach that bolt, can’t cut that part, thing won’t move that should or thing is moving that shouldn’t. Reaching over and pulling out that tone ool out of the toolbox and completing that task is a precious feeling. Endorphins rush in. But the opposite…well frustration is the only frustrating word.

Over the years, I have accumulated boxes of tools for plumbing, woodworking, mechanics, model making, constructing art, etc., etc, and yet there still comes the time when the stores are all closed and the world grinds to a halt for lack of some $2 thing. However, making something to take over a store bought tool and getting past the hurdle, well, that’s double endorphins!

Make blog, and Wired, has a feature on Adam Savage’s toolbox, he of Mythbusters fame and hero of DIY. Nice pic, and total list of contents of his traveling toolbox here:


Read and learn!


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